7 Home Gym Essentials For A Smooth Workout Session

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Is your fitness motivation dangling between ‘I’ll be off to the gym as soon as I make it to home’ and ‘Naah! Just not feeling to head out today’? If you’re dreaming to bring the perfect balance in your life between work and gym, but the catalyst to get you walking to your fitness center is missing, then it’s time to give some consideration into organizing a home gym session. And to give you a head start, we list down some of the essentials for a smooth workout session.

1. Exercising mat or foam tiles
From meditation to cross-fitting, a home gym is just another bedroom or living room if it lacks a proper training mat. The bottom half of your body needs adequate grip in order to glue itself to the floor surface while performing exercises like ab crunches, sit-ups and other abdominal and leg workouts. And not just that, an improper floor surface can put a lot of strain on your elbow while performing the plank exercise. A foam tile is a must for a stress-free workout.

2. Pull up bar
Wings, back, shoulder and dolts – one exercise to strengthen every muscle in your upper body! And a pull up bar is not only meant for performing pull-ups, if you are into gymnastics then this easy to install system will assist you in executing almost all kinds of flexible movements. It usually takes a small portion of your wall to mount the pull up bar which is ideally placed above the doorway, getting touch with an expert should be helpful. Even the shape of the bar can differ based on your preference; from a straight rod, which is the basic lifter, to an arched handle for excess support. If there is some special requirement then an expert’s guidance can work out and now that finding trainers and training spaces are simple with 24 Hour Fitness. You can also grab special discounts on various services.

Pull Up Bar

3. Stationary bike
Even if the weather outside the window looks like a workout-killer, you can log miles of bike time through this machine. Helpful in building your leg muscle and in increasing your stamina, the stationary bike can never be a waste at home, especially if you have growing bunch of kids. Just make sure the bike you purchase has enough support at its base to hold your weight and stays firm to the ground.

4. Treadmill
Sticking to cardio, equipment which is crucial in building your stamina and heart health is the treadmill. One might stress on the importance of an outdoor run, but with a long list of running modes like the hiking and rolling rumble feature in a single machine, you just can’t neglect the benefits of having one at these conveyors at home. It is proven to be the most efficient way to burn calories without causing any hindrance to another runner in your path.

5. Stability ball
Due to its construction, some of the most enjoyable exercises can be performed using a large exercise ball. The entire core area of your body gets engaged when you lie on the ball resulting in a well-toned and properly postured abdomen. Lying on your back will help in improving your spine’s shape and health, and relieve you from agonizing back pains which has been a source of disrupting work/sleep cycle. It is also important to choose the correct size of the ball based on your height. For example, a 12” ball will suit you if you are less than 4’6” whereas a 30” ball should be preferred by 6 footers and above.

6. Dumbbells
The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of gym is the first thing we need to invest in. It’s a common thought that dumbbells or exercising weights are meant to train your arms only and is not useful if your aim is to train other parts of your body. False! Have a look at this video if you don’t believe us. You can even choose between a full-fledged multi-weight dumbbell system and a single weight one based on your needs and budget.

Pull Up Bar

7. Karaoke or Stereo System
Nothing will make you stay those extra 15 minutes inside a gym other than good music. While most people prefer fast music during workout mode, we believe it’s a subjective concept. In short, turn up the volume knob and play whatever your genre makes you happier (as long as you are exercising alone), and let the adrenaline take a spike.

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