10 All Time Best Books

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Books are a gateway to a world beyond. Losing yourself in the comfort of one can be most of the joyous things ever, and great books tend to speak to the heart and mind. They talk about the language of the soul, our history and the possibilities that lie ahead of us.

It is always a challenge compiling a list of books considered to be the best of all times. You can get a 10% Off on $40 orders on Booksamillion.com. Opinions are bound to differ on the matter, but after a careful selection, we have managed to create a list of the 10 all-time best books that should be read by everyone.



1. Pride and Prejudice:

If there has ever been a book that captivated readers to the core, then Pride and Prejudice that list. While a summary of the book may seem like an English drama with a misogynistic theme, the actual read is far from it. The book deals with the issue of morality, education, marriage, and manners. Pride and Prejudice today boasts of selling more than 20 million copies worldwide and has featured numerous times in the list of “most-loved books” by literary scholars.


2. Anna Karenina:

Leo Tolstoy stood a class apart in terms of story-writing. Anna Karenina is considered one of his best books and a quick read into it is more than enough to bind you in its magic. Even Time magazine has the book in its list of the “greatest novels” of all time. The book takes on many subjects including adultery, marriage plots, gambling and everything prevalent in the echelons of the Russian society in the 19th century.


3. The Great Gatsby:

Perhaps one of the most significant texts of fine literature available today, the Great Gatsby tells a tale of a young man who has just moved to the Big Apple pursuing a life. Nick Carraway is the protagonist here who upon his big move to the city is befriended by an eccentric rich neighbor, Jay Gatsby. The book is a take on the early Jazz era of the 20’s and a less than pleasant take of the “American Dream” being chased by everyone stepping foot here.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird:

Harper Lee happens to be one of the most influential authors of her time. She only published two books in her lifetime which happened to be, “To Kill a Mockingbird” and a controversial sequel of the same before her death. Set in the 20th century, the book tells a tale of the American South and the rampant racism of the time all through the eyes of an innocent child, Jean Louise Finch.


5. Midnight’s Children:

Crafting magical realism in its purest of forms, Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children is an ode to the story of India’s Independence and the partition of British India. The book tells the narrative of a young Muslim boy, Saleem Sinai who was born at the stroke of midnight on 15th August 1947, also the county’s Independence Day.


6. 1984:

1984 can be marked as one of the ultimate pieces of Dystopian fiction, something only the likes of George Orwell could replicate. Orwell manages to depict a futuristic society here, one that controls its population via constant surveillance and public manipulation. The protagonist Winston Smith hates the system even though he is rank and file party member.


7. The Handmaid’s Tale:

Women’s right has always been in the spotlight as a mainstream topic, but The Handmaid’s Tale pictures it in a completely different way. Offred is stuck in a world that treats it no lesser than a sheep out to fulfill one and one thing alone, greed. She gives a chilling account of being a survivor and the lengths she has to cross as a human and as a slave to the system.


8. Lord of the Flies:

Lord of the Flies is a classic novel by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding. The book tells the story of a bunch of boys marooned on an uninhabited island. What looks like a picture of sheer innocence amongst little kids turns sourly into a sordid tale covering the controversial subject of human nature.

9. Invisible man:

Ralph Ellison’s compelling writing style makes enough waves to get this title on the top roster. The book tells the account of an invisible social man who makes his way from the south for a better life for himself. A surreal tale of an African American man that only makes way for adversity every step of the way, all due to a person’s skin color.


10. The Book Thief:

Markus Zusak embroils the reader in an intriguing tale from World War 2 of a child who goes around rescuing books from the Nazi regime. Her family lives in a constant state of death harbouring an enemy of the state. A bond made in the most unlikely of situations.

So, there we have a short list of the 10 best books of all time. Make sure to get your copy of one today.

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