10 Must-Have Gadgets ForYour Home

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

Smart gadgets for home are growing today at an ever-increasing pace, and today every household needs one in their home space. These gadgets today help us in a plethora of things, even saving energy for that matter. From streaming music, booking yourself a cab, changing the colors of your light to locking your doors, and even cleaning your home. These gadgets can do it all. In this post, we will take a look at the 10 best must-have gadgets for your home today:


1. Amazon Echo (3rd gen):

Amazon Echo has come a long way since it was first launched in 2015. Today, the Echo is on its third version, and it looks better than its last two predecessors. The new Echo comes with a swathe of features ranging from controlling your smart gadgets, connecting to audiobooks, check the weather to even doing shopping online. There isn’t much your Echo can’t do in recent times.


2.Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit:

The concept with the Philips Hue White Starter Kit remains the same. It includes two bulbs and a separate hub to connect these to your smart home devices. These work with several home systems, including Apple, Alexa, Google Home, etc. Philips Hue comes with an app known as the Philip Hue Sync, which can help you synchronize your bulbs with multimedia content on your PC.


3. The D77 Deebot:

Looking for a smart home cleaning vacuum? Well, floor cleaning and vacuuming can be now made easy, all thanks to the D77 Deebot, which provides a three-dimensional cleaning solution for homes. It even comes with a smart tech that detects obstacles and can navigate its way through them. There are many modes available that can clean all kinds of floors.


4. WeMo Mini:

The WeMo Mini has proved its mettle as a smart plugin that works with all major smart assistants. Its compact size can easily fit two per outlet. A simple on and off switch helps connect it to any appliance on it without the need for a smartphone. While most of us get home gadgets, but how many times do we ensure their warranties are extended or they come with insurance? This year head to protectyourbubble.com and get up to 25% off on all home gadget insurance.


5. Nest Protect:

The Nest Protect is an excellent device that detects smoke and any carbon monoxide emission within the house. With its smart sensors, it is able to detect both fast and slow-burning fires in and around the house. The best part is that it can easily be linked to other smart devices in your home; for instance, the Philips Hue lights just in case there is an emergency.


6. August Smart Lock:

August Smart Lock can be essential for your home and comes with a host of features like an auto-lock and unlock. You can always now keep a tab on your home and know within an instant if you kept the door open or locked. This is an easy to install gadget that works with all major home kits, including Google Assistant, Alexa, Nest, etc.


7. Logitech Harmony Elite Remote:

If you are looking for a universal remote that controls all electronic devices, then the Logitech Harmony is something you can consider for your home. The remote is capable of handling all your infrared and Bluetooth controlled TV and media systems. IT also works efficiently with all your wifi-enabled devices and smart home kits, including Apple TV, Xbox One, and Sonos. There is also the official app that can be used to control all the devices with a push of a single button.


8. Netatmo weather station:

If you wish to gauge the temperature of your home and surroundings, then the Netatmo is an excellent choice. It can connect with wifi and smartphone and give you minute by minute updates of the air quality, including CO2 reading, sound pollution, barometric pressure, etc. You can also know about your local environment with pitch-perfect accuracy. Looking to gift your loved one a home gadget? Get up to 15% off on all home gadgets at Gadget Universe.


9. Withings Sleep:

Wish to improve your sleep quality and sleep cycle? Use the Withings Sleep, a comprehensive sleep tracking gadget, one of a kind. It can be kept between your sheets and then provides you detailed information on how much of a shut-eye are you getting. The app with Withings offers an accurate account of the times you went to sleep the week and month as well as a breakdown of the times you headed to bed.


10. Blint XT2 outdoor and indoor camera:

For all the security-conscious peeps, the Blint XT2 is the best camera system in the market currently that takes care of all your security needs. With easy installation and cloud storage, you can now easily keep tabs at your home at all times.


So, there we have the 10 must haven gadgets you ought to have for your home. Take your pick from the options or check them out all.


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