Common Natural Methods for Exfoliation

Monday, February 10th, 2014

You might be amazed at the variety of different exfoliating tools you can use for your skin. These include a number of products that are readily available today with many of them featuring materials that can be very easy for you to mix. Be sure to use these products the right way in order to create a better sense of control on your skin.


How is Oatmeal Effective?

Oatmeal is one common option to go along with when trying to exfoliate your skin. Oatmeal may be used by blending rolled oats and then mixing them with water and an essential oil of your choice. This can then be added to your skin like with other scrubs.

Oatmeal is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties. This makes it easier for your skin to be treated. It can also buff parts of your skin.

There are many quality oatmeal-based products to choose from when getting something to work. The Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Scrub with Oatmeal is one such option. The Dermisa Oatmeal Bar may also be used on your face to clear out old deposits.



Coffee Grounds are Commonly Used

The coarse bodies of coffee grounds make them ideal for exfoliation purposes. The caffeic acid of coffee grounds particularly helps by removing excess oxygen atoms and by promoting the development of collagen around your skin. This works the best when one cup of warm grounds can be mixed with about half a cup of sea salt and two tablespoons of olive oil.

This is especially useful for many troublesome parts of the skin but it works the best when you apply it over your skin and then rinse it out. The ExciteMint coffee and essential oil exfoliating bar may be useful for helping you to keep your skin healthy, for instance.


Honey is Another Natural Option

One beneficial natural option for you to use is honey. Honey is known to be a natural anti-bacterial compound that may be used over your skin to give it the treatment it deserves.

It may particularly be mixed with baking soda to make it work right. Baking soda is often used to remove old skin cells and will not be irritating to the user.

You can use honey by applying it over the skin with one teaspoon plus half a teaspoon of baking soda. This works best if it is left on the skin for a few minutes at a time.

Other products have been made available on the market for taking care of your skin needs. These include the CSI Amber Honey Exfoliating Scrub and the Earth Therapeutics Honey Soap and Scrub products to name a few.


Use the Right Form of Sugar

Natural sugar is useful for exfoliation needs but only if the right kind if used. It’s best to stick with raw sugar that hasn’t been refined. It is coarse in its texture and should be solid enough to make it easier for your skin to be treated right. If you use traditional table sugar then you will not end up getting the same benefit as you should be asking for.

This works best in many professional forms. The Vitabath Spa Skin Therapy Sugar Scrub and Prana Shikoma Sugar Dust Scrub have become the hottest options for sugar exfoliation on today’s market.


Is Papaya Useful?

Papaya may be useful for taking care of your exfoliation needs. It has been found to contain various enzymes that are used to help with removing old skin cells and with treating the skin as it struggles with clogged pores. Sometimes this may work well if you mix oatmeal and natural honey together to make it a little more effective. It also needs water as a base to make it easier for the enzymes to move into the skin.

If you can use papaya appropriately then it should be easier for you to manage a nice look to your skin. It can be tough to move into the skin if you don’t have a water base to go with it.

Papaya has become such a revered item as an exfoliant that it can be found in a large variety of products. You can use it through the Biotique Bio face wash or the Avon Papaya Sorbet Exfoliating Scrub among many other commonplace products.

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