Healthier Alternatives To Aerated Drinks

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

It is rightly said that “We are what we eat”. This is not only applicable for the food that we are shoving down our food pipe but also for the liquids that we consume on a daily basis. Nowadays, the major concern is shifting towards soft drink consumption from children to adults who gulp down these aerated drinks without even giving a thought to the harm they are causing to themselves.

Now what do we mean by the word aerated? If you google the word, the first definition that pops is “a liquid made effervescent by being charged with carbon dioxide or some other gas”. In simple terms aerated drinks are produced by dissolving carbon dioxide in water. So, does the carbon dioxide in such drinks make them harmful? No, it’s something more than just carbon dioxide. Other additives present in aerated drinks pose much danger to our bodies than carbon dioxide. So let’s have a look at the real culprits:

Aerated Drinks1. Acid- Do you dream of the perfect smile? If yes, then you have to keep aerated beverages at bay. These drinks have added acid which can corrode your tooth enamel. So it’s better to limit your consumption than scheduling an appointment with your dentist.

2. Fructose- Commonly referred to as fruit sugar, fructose present in aerated drinks is turned into fat by the liver. Not only does it spike your sugar levels, but can also lead to other dire consequences such as cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer.

3. Artificial sweeteners- If upon reading the above point, you decided to switch to diet drinks, then you are yet not out of the danger. Artificial sweeteners present in diet drinks can pose a threat to your body as they contain compounds which can cause breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. Aspartame, an important sugar substitute present in such drinks is known for causing brain tumours, diabetes, birth defects etc.

4. Caffeine- Caffeine present in aerated drinks devoids your body of calcium. Further, reduced levels of calcium can cause weakening bones and osteoporosis.

Now, if you have still decided to gulp down your favourite aerated drink, let’s have a look at what it does to your body within an hour of its consumption.

A large quantity of sugar hits your system when you consume aerated drinks. This makes up for the recommended daily intake of your sugar. Since there is a spike in the blood sugar level, the liver comes into picture and converts the sugar into fat. Caffeine absorption takes place and there is a rise in the blood pressure and more sugar is pushed into the bloodstream. The dopamine production is also stimulated which in turn activates the pleasure centres of the brain. You can expect to have a sugar crash after around an hour.

All these studies suggest that it is time to put your can down and limit your aerated drinks consumption for a healthier lifestyle. Rather than guzzling a can of diet coke when thirst strikes, you can switch to other healthier alternatives:


1. Green tea- You can prepare hot or iced green tea which is loaded with antioxidants. It helps in reducing the risk of cancer, hypertension, heart disease and kidney stones. Nowadays, a number of flavours are available in the market so you have a wide array of choices.

2. Fresh juice and smoothies- Juice is the best alternative to aerated drinks as you can easily prepare it at your own convenience and choose the ingredients upon your liking. Juice is not limited to fruits alone but consuming vegetable juice has its own fair share of benefits. If you are not fond of juice, then you can opt for smoothies which are refreshing and healthy for your skin as well.

3. Lemonade – Just type homemade lemonade on google and you would be bombarded with a list of recipes. If you are concerned about your skin, lemon water can simply do wonders for you.

4. Soy milk – Soy beverages are nowadays available in a wide array of flavors. So if you find it difficult to gulp milk, this can be a good alternative. Low-fat and low-sugar soy beverages are amazing substitutes as they can inject oodles of calcium and vitamin-D in your body.

So, it’s time to fight the craving for aerated beverages and opt for healthier options!

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