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Thursday, March 20th, 2014

When it comes to following the latest hairstyle trends what better way to do it right than following the dos sported by Hollywood A-listers. After all, they are the fashion divas of the modern world, the makers, and propagators of the style statement! Tousled, carefree, and wispy seems like the hottest trends these days with numerous celebrities sporting them and the variations thereof. Minimalistic options in fashion are the in-thing these days. So, it is no wonder that quite easy to follow trends as out-of-bed hairdos have become a favorite with the divas for their crowning glory.

Do you know what ifs the best thing about the messy hairstyle? You can embrace this trend for traces of any length and for every haircut around. So, go for the messy appearance with your ponytail and updos with aplomb. As the name indicates, these are get-up-to-go styles with low maintenance. Here below are some trendy hairstyles and ways to achieve that perfect look just like your favorite Hollywood celebrity.


Carefree Out-Of-Bed Look
When you think of such carefree out-of-bed hairstyles, Hollywood celebrities as Meg Ryan and Jennifer Aniston instantly spring to mind. However, those of you who thought that such hairstyles mean, just get out of your bed and begin your day outdoors, it is time to redo your thinking! Some people actually have to work towards achieving this look. First blow dry your hair and then gently use a paddle brush to run through the tresses. Do not try to smoothen up however since it will spoil the effects you achieved. Refrain from washing hair for 2 days and prevent formation of knots by using a satin pillowcase.

Wispy hairdo
Wispy locks give the appearance of windblown hair as if you have been walking along the beach for some time. This appears soft and flowing with volume and the best thing about it is that you will be able to achieve it easily provided you have the appropriate haircut and the right tools with you. This is not a super straight or curly style, but instead a combination of the two. Wispy hair remains straight on the top of your head, as well as the mid section curling away towards the end. You can go for such hairdo for any casual date or even for your wedding, especially when it is of the outdoor kind, such as a beach wedding.


Tousled hairdo
Another much in trend hairstyle for the modern women inspired from the celebrity tools is of course the tousled variety for your crowning glory. It is possible to complete this look in a variety of hairstyles such as the partial updo. In this case, you will need to apply hot rollers for developing natural looking curls. Once you have done, it is time to create the partial updo hairstyle. You can go for this while going outdoors during night or day, as required. It is possible to achieve the tousled hairdo with side parted hair and loose ponytails too. While it is easy to go for the style if you have curly hair, those with straight hair have to work towards developing curls first.

Messy side bun
Appear trendy and uber chic by going for messy side bun. When you have, dry hair is quite easy to prepare this hairstyle without difficulties and it takes less than 5 min. For wet hair however, you will need to devote around 15 min to get that perfect bun. So, who can go for the messy side bun? People having long and medium tresses are the ideal candidate for getting this right.

For achieving this look first towel dry your hair and then apply a straightening gel. Now create loose ponytails on the side of your head and secure with elastic band. Twist to create a bun naturally, now secure with booby pins. Loosen hair by running your fingers to develop that fantastic messy appearance that appeals to everybody. 

So, when well-known actors such as Sandra Bullock, Kate Beckinsale, Julie Delpy, and Diane Kruger have gone on and done such hairstyles successfully, why not you? Just follow the pointers given above and you will be following in the HAIR-STEPS of your favorite A-listers effortlessly!

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