Relive Childhood Memories with Old Time Candy

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Old Time Candy is back again with a huge variety of mouth-watering candies of 1950s, 60s, 70s & 80s. Bring your good old memorable days back when you have shared your favorite dark chocolate, milk chocolate by Hersheys with your girlfriend or fought for wax candy, bulk candy, caramel, stick candy, jelly candy & bubble gum with your siblings.

Order these candies from Old Time Candy & bring back those good old days. The site has an assorted array of candies & organized into different sections. All you need to do is select the candy from respective decade, choose your favorite flavor & type; you will receive a Pack-a-Bag which contains roughly 5lbs of candy at your doorsteps. You can also send Pack-a-Bag as gift to your friend on occasions like their birthday & they will also receive one free gift card. What could be more unique & wonderful gift anyone can ever expect?

You can also choose to order party favors candies, gift boxes and jars, personalized candy box  & decade boxes for occasions including Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day.

Retro Candy

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Offers You Can’t Miss

10% site-wide savings through end of Feb’14

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