The Best 5 Day-A-Week Gym Workout Routine

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

One of the most common goals among gym goers is to attend a lean, toned and muscular body. This is easier said than done though. Juggling your work life along with a strict gym regime all seems like a little hard to accomplish but with the right attitude and mindset, this too can be achieved. There is no need for a difficult to achieve and follow the regime for yourself on your goal of becoming a fitter you. All you need is a straightforward approach to get you on track with your current goals. In this post, we will tell you about the 5 days a week gym workout routine that you can easily follow your daily routine.


Some important things to note before you start off any exercise routine:

  • Warming up

  • Warming up the muscles in your body is a definite must before you start off any exercise routine. Start with some normal stretching at first. Make sure to not go for static stretching as it can reduce your explosive power by almost 30%. Indulge in doing more dynamic stretching first. This will help loosen up your body and also increase your heart rate.

  • Cooling Down:

  • Make sure you also cool down after your workouts. This is the perfect time to do some static stretching. This is much safer to do after your workouts as you have already worked your body fully and there isn’t much chance of pulling your muscles.

1. Chest Routine:

We are talking a full body exercise routine and Chest day comes at the very top of that routine. Go for a chest workout consisting of both isolation and compound exercises for maximum effect. Isolation exercises include cable fly’s, pectoral machine and chest fly’s whereas compound exercises include the standard flat bench, inclines and declines press. Start your way with compound exercises before moving on to isolation exercises for more effectiveness. Add this along with a push up routine. Add this along to your routine once you have managed to finish all the other exercises. Your diet is also as ever important while you are following a routine. Ensure that you have the right supplements to replenish your body. Head to World Class Nutrition for the best deals.

2. Back Muscles:

Many a times, gym goers skip the back day simply because they feel it to be a little too mediocre for it do any good to your body. Sculpting your back comes with a long list of benefits. For one, you are going to stand taller and improve your posture greatly. Doing more back exercises will also help you bench press more weights as the muscles in your mid and upper back stabilize your shoulder joints. You will also be able to grow bigger arms as back exercises also concentrate on your arms muscles. Make sure to include compound exercises like seated row with barbells and lat pull downs. Reverse flyes and shrugs also work great for your back. Also make sure to include back extensions, which helps work the lower back muscles in your body.

3. Legs:

Often the most skipped part of any workout regime, leg exercises are somewhat of a tag and run affair for most gym goers. The fact of the matter is that the leg muscles constitute the largest muscle groups in the body. Moving all these muscles require more energy. Deadlifts and squats engage almost every muscle in your body. Try and add compound exercises like leg presses, deadlifts and lunges to your workout. Make sure you don’t skip leg raises, abductor raises and lateral cable abductors. This will help tone your front, back as well as inner thigh muscles. Complete your leg day regime with calf raises.

4. Arms:

Biceps and triceps work in close combination for functional movements. Functional movement is necessary to complete the daily tasks of our normal life. There are different variations of arm exercises that you can try. Concentrate on both biceps and triceps exercises here. Go for traditionally seated dumbbell curls, hammer curls and EZ bar curl machine for your biceps. Skull crushers, close grip smith machine, and triceps overhead extensions work great for the triceps muscle group. You can also go for kickbacks and close grip bench presses to fully exert the triceps muscles. If you are looking for workout equipment, then head to Workout Warehouse for the best discounts on gym training equipment.

5. Shoulders:

The shoulder exercises should be an important part of your daily workout routine. One of the most common benefits of shoulder exercise improves strength in your body. Shoulder exercises target various muscle groups in your body including triceps, deltoids, trapezius and pecs. Try standing military barbell press, dumbbell lateral raises, rear delt flyes and EZ bar upright rows for more effectiveness. If you want to add more strength to your shoulders then try front and rear deltoid raises.

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