Top 5 Best Wedding Destinations In The World

Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Wedding bells are a flutter of emotions. Being excited but yet nervous about the big day. Meeting the parents, the proposal, and finally planning the wedding itself. There is much to do, and so little time to make it all happen. Above all else, the venue is the crucial factor here and perhaps the most important things one ought to worry about. A fairytale wedding is a memory to cherish on forever; In this post, we will discuss the top 5 wedding destinations preferred by couples:


1. Tuscany, Italy:

A wedding venue cannot get any more perfect than the lush, beautiful hilltop settings of Tuscany. A place known for its vivid history, culture and alluring romance that is sure to bring out the romantic in every person, Tuscany makes for the perfect wedding destination. And of course, the acres and acres of vineyards present a charm in itself. One can genuinely prepare a renaissance style wedding here and in perfect elegance. Want to take your wedding venue to a quaint farmhouse like setting, the Chianti region is your best bet. Perhaps a more elegant styled wedding at a luxurious place like a castle, like the Lari Castle. The castle offers a grandeur unparalleled. There are also many resorts that offer luxury private villas for couples seeking intimate weddings for themselves.


2. Hawaii, USA:

Hawaii is synonymous with lush mountains, enthralling cliffs, and of course the serene beaches that would make you fall in love once again. The sunshine and the lovely weather are all you need to make your wedding a memorable occasion. Not to mention, you get to lounge in your comfy attire as you can plan. Whoever needs to conventional for a wedding every time like the others, right? It also makes for a perfect setting if you as a couple wish to indulge your guests and families alike choosing from adventure, cocktail parties to only a beach gala. You can indulge yourself in almost everything in this tropical paradise. One of the most sought out wedding destinations in the world today.

3. Udaipur, India:

If you are someone who prefers abundance, on the whole, another level, you can always opt for a royal wedding theme for yourself. And what better than the land of palaces and royals, Udaipur. There are a significant number of resorts offering you the destination wedding of your dreams. From natural water bodies, palaces, to mountains and desert, the place has no shortage of locations for wedding photo shoots. The city is known for its vivid history as well as for its picturesque beauty. Udaipur once used to be ruled by the Rajputs, known for their dominant ethnic culture, architecture and of course, cuisines. Udaipur today remains as one of the ideal destinations for couples looking to have a valid blue class apart royal wedding. Who wouldn’t want to remember their wedding moments? Now get up to 15% off on $50 on all your Canvas order on Lavish Coupons.

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4. Paris, France:

Of course, the world’s most romantic city has to be on the list of the best wedding destinations. Paris has been quintessential with love, wine, castles, and everything romance since forever. You can choose from several chateaus, vineyards, and castles as you take your vows for each other. You can also opt for a wedding ceremony at a luxury penthouse restaurant for your friends and family together. The choices are many, and the decision to splurge and make it a day to remember stands entirely on you and your to be. If you are feeling the vibe for a more provincial kind of wedding, there is Provence, Burgundy, Avignon etc. to choose from. Looking for an unparalleled wine collection for a special occasion? Now get 10% off on white wine gift basket



5. Saint Lucia, Carribean islands:

The beauty of the Carribean can be seldom described in a few words. If the lost city of Atlantis were to be ever found, it might presumably feel like the Carribean islands. As of date Saint Lucia stands as one of the top UNESCO heritage sites and known widely for its flora as well as fauna. From volcanic mountains, adventure sports, cascading waterfalls to the white sands, this place is an absolute must for couples looking for wedding goals. For beach lovers, this is another excellent opportunity to fulfill your dreams of a perfect beach destination wedding along with your partner. There are several resorts here that can cater to your budget as well as requirements. In the past few years, there has indeed been a significant rise in the numbers of couples opting the place as the perfect spot for their destination wedding.


So, there we have a shortlist of the five best places known as the perfect wedding destination amongst millennials today.




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